Anastasia D. Vakaloudi has a M.Α. and a Ph.D. in History, a M.Ed. in the Didactic and Pedagogical Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education and a Ph.D. in the Didactics of History and the Use of ICT in the Teaching of History. She has also attended a second Master’s in History Degree program at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (Germany).

She is a Teachers’ Supervisor (Inspector) in Secondary Education appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, an Adjunct Professor of the Hellenic Open University, and a Teacher trainer in the Didactic and Pedagogical Use of ICT in Education.

She has scientific research experience, participating in Universities’ scientific research programs, and a long academic experience of teaching at several Universities (in History Departments, in postgraduate programs, etc.). 

She is a member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journalByzantinos Domos”, a member of the Hellenic Association of Historical Sciences, a member of the Society for Macedonian Studies and a member of National Greek Committee of the International Association of South-east European Studies.

She participates with lectures, communications, etc., in seminars, conferences and other scientific events and with various publications, in the fields of History, Literature, Linguistics, Theatre, the environmental protection, the Use of ICT in Education, the Schools’ Assessment and Self-evaluation, etc.

She is the author of 13 scientific monographs/books, she has published chapters in nine scientific national and international collective volumes, in six textbooks for teacher training programs and postgraduate specializa­tion studies programs, and over 70 articles of scientific research in History, Literature, ICT, Didactics and Pedagogy in national and international refereed journals (e.g. “Byzantinoslavica”, “Byzantion”, “Byzantinische Forschungen”,  “Jahrbuch  der  Östereichischen Byzantinistik”, “Ostkirchliche Studien”, “International Journal of Historical Learning Teaching and Research”, “Byzantiaka”, “Byzantina”, “Byzantinos Domos”, “Parnassos”, “Nea Paideia”, “Philologos”, “Ekpaideutiki Koinotita”, “Eptakyklos”, “Arxaiologia kai Texnes”, “Antitetradia tis Ekpaideusis”, “Syxroni Ekpaideusi”, “Ekpaideutika”, “Philologiki Protoporia”, “Makedonika”, etc.) and in Proceedings of national and international Conferences.

She has also participated in “Encyclopedic Prosopographical Lexicon of Byzantine History & Civilization (Athens / Turnhout, Belgium).


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Articles of Scientific Research in Didactics, Pedagogy, ICT


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