Who's That?Name:     Mentis Spyros
 B.date:   1967
 B.place:  Munich/Ger
 Nat:        Hellas

First of all:There are NO Vlach minorities in Greece, there is only ONE Greek Nation.
Second: What exactly the nationality of Vlachs is, historically speaking, is an open question. The ones living in Greece consider themselves Greeks, and no one is going to object to what they believe for themselves. (The same for other countries) 
At last: The Vlachs everywhere have (maybe) different culture but they are not ethnical-minorities (a Vlach Nation never existed), and since they are integrated centuries ago, no one can use the word "minoritie" for everyone. He maybe had with this succes in the middleage, but not in the year 2015!
In the mutli-culture societies of today there is no place for the word "minorities". All people have to respect each other and live together, there is no other way.

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This is a home page dedicated to the village "Kefalovriso", located at the Northwestern part of Hellas, and also to the inhabitants of the village , they are all vlachs - aromouns.
  While belonging to the southern branch of  oriental Romanic languages, Aromanian is still different from Romanian.