Macedonia is Greece (arguments - Vardarska map)

                Macedonia is Greece because:

1. The state of Skopje stole the name of Macedonia in 1945. Previously it was named Vardarska (see the map below or click here for bigger size). How can a state change its name and nationality within a few days?
2. The former president of Skopje Gligorov said that Skopjans are Slavs, as is testified by their names.
3. The ancient Persian inscriptions mention the Macedonians as Yuna Takabara which means Ionians (ie Greeks) with Takabara ie helmet as a shield, as this used by Macedonians.
4. All names of people, cities of ancient Macedonia are Hellenic (Greek): Pella, Dion, Amphipolis, Neapolis, Alexander, Philip, Filotas and more.
5. The ancient Macedonians participated in the Olympic Games, only allowed for Hellenes (Greeks).
6. The famous ancient geographer Strabon wrote: "Macedonia is Greece."
7. The Prophet Daniel in the Old Testament, about 200 years before the birth of Alexander the Great, predicted that “the king of the Medes and Persians will be vanquished by a Greek king and that this first great king would succeed him four Kings from the same Kingdom
8. All peoples (Romans, Jews, Carthage, Persian ...) that knew the Macedonians considered them Greeks.
9. All ancient inscriptions in Pella, Dion, Vergina and throughout ancient Macedonia are written in the Greek language not in Slavic which was established 1000 years after the existence of ancient Macedonians and is spoken today in the state of Skopje.
10. No ancient Greek or Roman or other historian wrote about Macedonian nation because the Macedonians were Hellenes (Greeks).

11. The word “Macedonia” comes out from ancient Hellenic (Greek) word “makednos” meaning long , because Macedonians were tall.  



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