Injustices against Greece by Western " allies "

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                                                                                                  Serres , Macedonia , Greece December 2013

Injustices against Greece by Western " allies "

    Our journey through time begins in Byzantine times .

The year 1204, the Crusaders of Western Christians campaigning for the liberation of the Holy Land from the infidels , the first to make was the conquest of Christian Constantinople . How can this be explained ?

During Turkish occupation of Hellas (Greece) although no significant help reaches Greeks from west Christian governments , leaders like Metternich of Austria declare that no Hellenic (Greek) nation exists , only Ottoman Empire is present.

When Hellenic (Greek) revolution in 1821  arises west Christian governments are here to have benefits for themselves ignoring Greek interests.

In September 1922 when Asia Minor disaster took place westerners “allies” of Hellas (Greece) , having fought together a few years ago against Germans , now they were just watching from their ships , doing nothing to prevent Turkish horrible actions against non-combatant Greeks in Smyrna. About one million Greek people were killed during Asia Minor genocide.

At the end of second World War the “allies” recognized and declared the definitive role of Hellenes (Greeks) for the final victory , yet their grate thanks were only in words , because actually they “gave” Hellenic (Greek) North Epirus to Albania which was the protectorate of Italy in the Balkans.

Few years later in 1945 “allies” tolerated  renaming the state of Skopje by Tito as Macedonia, although  U.S. Secretary of State Stetinious called this energy "hostile act against Greece".

Another great injustice of westerners “allies” against Greece took place in 1974 and earlier, in Cyprus. “Allies” did not allow Cyprus , being Hellenic (Greek) island , join Greece , but on the other hand helped Turks invade Cyprus , violating international rules and illegally occupy a great part of Cyprus till today. 

We can mention a lot more injustices against Greece in which Westerners 'allies'  are involved either directly or by their criminal indifference:  Pontian Greeks genocide, Eastern Thrace assignment in Turkey after English pressure , attack, destruction and expulsion of the Greeks from Constantinople in 1955 and many more.

Finally, regarding Macedonia issue, westerners 'allies'  pretend they want to find a solution but essentially are pushing Greece to cede the glorified and historical name of Macedonia to Slavs , thus making separate concepts Macedonia and Hellas(Greece). Their hypocrisy lies in the fact that while it is universally known that Macedonia is Hellenic(Greek) ,  state leaders "ignore" or better pretend to ignore history.

Taking into account all the above statementswe ask if westerners  are real allies of Greece or its enemies eventually? Applies perfectly here what Greeks wisely say: “When you have such friends you don’t need enemies”.

Why this clear hostility towards Hellas(Greece) being the cradle of civilization and science , a nation that offered people so much?      

Greece gave westerners the lights of civilization , made ​​them Christians, gave examples of unparalleled bravery, valor, sacrifice and especially love for freedom.

They have never been true allies of Greece. They used Greece  when it suited them, and shortly after blatantly wronged Greek people.

The precept is that we Hellenes(Greeks) must stop giving faith to westerners , but  harmonize with ourselves and expect help only from the Hellenes(Greeks) and our Triune God